Distance Education

Distance Education is an educational modality in which students and teachers interact supported by Information and Communication Technologies, using methods, strategies and tools that facilitate learning from any place and time.



To make teaching and learning processes more flexible through the application of the Distance Education model, based on the needs of the context for professional training and the creative application of virtual learning in university education.

Mission Statement

To be a quality alternative in higher secondary, higher and continuing education, supported by a virtual learning environment centred on the student, under the competence approach and linked to the needs of local, regional and national training and capacity building for a global context.


To be a distance education system characterized by its relevance and the adequacy of Information and Communication Technologies applied to learning, with a national scope.

Features and Benefits

  • The educational process is made up of online and/or face-to-face sessions and the use of the UNE Virtual platform.
  • Focused on student learning, who is considered the main protagonist of his or her own educational process.
  • Promotes independent study and collaborative learning in students..
  • The programs are aimed at people who wish to combine their regular activities with study.
  • Reduction of costs (travel, accommodation, materials, etc.)
  • Optimization of the use and programming of time.
  • Permanent communication and advice with the teacher.

Academics Programs

Payment Methods

Online or referenced payments

Online payments through our Service Center with Visa or MasterCard (Credit or Debit) 24 hours a day.

Payment referenced at bank window
  • BANCOMER: 1369830
  • BANORTE: 119185
  • HSBC: 3276

Note: You can also make your referenced payment through your bank's Web Portal or App if you are an account holder of these banking institutions. For more information, please contact your bank.

Payments referenced at Bancomer or HSBC ATMs, cash or debit cards

Payments by bank transfer

  • RFC: UNO740107UW6
  • CLABE INTERBANCARIA: 021813040187870774
  • REFERENCIA: Apellidos + referencia bancaria del alumno
  • RFC: UNO740107UW6
  • CLABE INTERBANCARIA: 072813008481223681
  • REFERENCIA: Apellidos + referencia bancaria del alumno
BBVA Bancomer
  • RFC: UNO740107UW6
  • CLABE INTERBANCARIA: 012813004457806245
  • REFERENCIA: Apellidos + referencia bancaria del alumno

Transfer payment recommendations

When making the transfer, we recommend that you write down the student's last name followed by the student's bank reference or password on the part where you want to make the transfer, in order to identify the deposit and apply it correctly. In addition, we ask that once the transfer has been made, you send us the confirmation sent by your bank to pagos@une.edu.mx and a copy to unevirtual@une.edu.mx.

Also, if you need an invoice for your payment, please request it in the same mail (mentioning your full tax information if you are requesting an invoice for the first time). If you are an account holder of the same bank, you can make your referenced payment through the Web Portal or App of the bank. For more information, please contact your bank.

Payment will be reflected within 1 business day if made at a bank teller, ATM or bank transfer, or within 2 business days if made online.


If you need an invoice, please send it to pagos@une.edu.mx within the same month in which the payment is made, with a deadline of the last day of the month during office hours to make the request, and add the following tax information in the mail:

  • RFC
  • Name or business name
  • Full address (Street, Number, Cologne, City, State and Zip code)
  • E-mail (to send PDF and xml files)
  • Student's CURP

For any questions or comments regarding online payments, bank deposits or wire transfers, please email us at pagos@une.edu.mx or call the Income and Financial Support Coordinator at (833) 230.38.38 or 230.38.39 at the following times:

Monday to Friday from 08:00 to 20:00 hours

Saturdays from 08:00 to 15:00 hours

Write to us!

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Hours of Operation

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